Business Terms and Conditions of Skinzone

I. Operator and scope of business

Skinzone is a registered business firm of an Internet shop with skins and protective foils. Skin means a special vinyl self-adhesive foil with a graphic motive, equipped with protective laminating, the purpose of which is predominantly to provide original decoration of various computing technology devices, such as laptops, printers, scanners, pc tablets, smart phones, MP3 players, etc.. Simultaneously, the skin constitutes a kind of a layer protecting the devices from surface scratching. Screenshield protective foil means polyurethane foil cut out according to the size of the specific product. Protective foils are supplied together with application accessories.

The operator of the Internet portal Skinzone as well as the supplier of other products and services in such Internet portal, i.e., the seller, is Skinzone s.r.o., with its registered seat at the address Prague 9 - Hrdlořezy, Hrdlořezská 211/12a, Postal Code 190 00, Czech Republic, ID No.: 285 22 079, acting through Mr. Petr Svoboda, executive (, as registered with the Commercial Register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, under Section C, File No. 147754 (hereinafter referred to only as the "operator"). The operator represents that in compliance with the provisions of Act No. 121/2000 Coll., the copyright act, it is authorized to exercise any and all proprietary author's rights to author's works constituting a part of the offer of the operator's products and services on the Internet portal Skinzone.

User and customer of the Internet portal Skinzone (hereinafter referred to only as the "user") may be any individual person or legal entity that duly and completely satisfies any and all terms and conditions set forth herein. By using and visiting the Internet website Skinzone, the user consents to these General Business Terms and Conditions and undertakes to fully and duly comply with the same.

II. Personal data processing and use of personal data

Access to the or related websites may be subject to provision of certain personal data of the users. In such case, the operator shall dispose with such data in compliance with the valid legal rules and regulations, in particular in compliance with the provisions of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on personal data protection, as amended and supplemented. Personal data shall be fully secured against misuse. Data shall be stored and shall not be shared with third persons' applications.

All personal data provided may only be used by the operator in excess of the framework of personal data processing required for the execution and performance of an agreement in compliance with the terms and conditions set forth below. The user hereby acknowledges that the electronic address provided thereby in connection with the purchase of a product or service may be used for sending of business notices of Skinzone s.r.o., pursuant to the provisions of Act No. 480/2004 Coll., as amended and supplemented, containing offers of similar products or services. In the event the addressee wishes to receive no more of such business notices, they can manifest their dissent to sending of business notices by clicking the relevant place of a business notice or by sending an electronic mail message expressing their dissent to sending of business notices to the address The administrator may charge a third party as a processing party with the processing of the above-specified personal data. The administrator hereby notifies the subject of data and expressly instructs them about the rights arising from the provisions of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on personal data protection, i.e., including, without limitation, of the fact that provision of personal data to the administrator is voluntary, that the subject of data has the right to access such data, they have the right to recall the above-specified consent in writing at the administrator's address at any time, and in the event of breach of their rights, they may approach the Office for Personal Data Protection and request the relevant remediation, which includes for example refraining from such acting of the administrator, remediation of the resulting situation, granting of an apology, carrying out corrections or supplementing, blocking, liquidation of personal data, payment of monetary compensation as well as exercise of other rights, as arising from the provisions of Sections 11 and 21 of the act. Should the user wish to correct their personal data being processed by the operator, they may request such correction at the electronic mail address or at the mailing address of the operator's place of business at V Zahrádkách 2756/5, 130 00 Praha 3, Czech Republic.

III. Method of use of Skinzone portal by users

When using the Skinzone website, the user may not interfere with the form or method of working, safety, etc., of the website. Furthermore, the user must not use the website to transfer defective files and to attempt to invade publically inaccessible places of such website.

The Skinzone database contains electronically processed photographs, graphic, textual, and other materials containing various image, graphic, text and other motives (hereinafter referred to only as the "Work"). Any and all parts of the Work are displayed in diminished format. Each user is authorized to enlarge the Work in their computer up to the format directly provided by the application through the Internet browser. Each part of the Work is identified in the database using a registration number, name, and surname (pseudonym) of the author as well as additional information, if any.

The user shall not be authorized to use the Work otherwise than through viewing the same, i.e., including, without limitation, the user shall not be authorized to modify or adjust, copy or otherwise reproduce, distribute, communicate to the public, otherwise spread, deliver, lease, lend, display, reproduce, publish, license, transfer or sell any information, originals or reproductions of the Work constituting a part of the Skinzone database or make collective or derived works from the same.

IV. Initial provisions to execution of an agreement

Any and all contractual relationships are entered into in compliance with the laws of the Czech Republic. If a consumer is the contractual party, the relationships not regulated by these business terms and conditions shall be governed by the provisions of Act No. 40/1964 Coll., the Civil Code, and Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on consumer protection. If an entrepreneur is the contractual party and enters into the purchase agreement within the framework of their business or other entrepreneurial activity, the relationship between the seller and the purchaser shall be governed by the provisions of Act No. 513/1991 Coll., the Commercial Code.

For the purpose of other provisions of these business terms and conditions, the user shall hereinafter be referred to also as the "purchaser" and the operator shall for the purpose of other provisions of these business terms and conditions hereinafter be referred to also as the "seller".

V. Ordering of goods and execution of an agreement

The purchaser (user) shall only place a valid and binding electronic order of products offered on the Skinzone website after filling in any and all prescribed data and requisites specified in the order form. Before the purchaser definitely confirms their order, they shall be authorized to review the entire order and the data entered. If the purchaser wishes to change any of the items - the product ordered - specified thereby, they shall be authorized to do so using the "Back" key or to change the numbers of pieces in the shopping cart using the "+/-" keys, which enable the purchaser to return to the last previous condition of the order form. If the purchaser consents to the order form filled in, they may finally and bindingly send the order form for processing by clicking on the "Continue" button. Such purchaser's order when sent shall be binding. After the delivery of such order of the purchaser, the seller shall send an electronic message to the purchaser accepting (confirming) the order and specifying the seller's contact; such message shall be sent to the purchaser's electronic address specified in the order. The purchaser shall be obliged to forthwith thoroughly review any and all information contain in the seller's electronic mail message and to forthwith contact the seller if any inaccuracy is discovered thereby. The order simultaneously constitutes the draft purchase agreement, and the purchase agreement proper shall be entered into by delivery of the confirming electronic message by the seller. Costs of use of electronic communications means shall be governed by the agreement between the purchaser and the Internet connection provider, or, as the case may be, their electronic communications services provider.

The purchaser may also place an order over the telephone. Also in such case, the order shall constitute the draft purchase agreement. The purchase agreement proper shall be entered into by delivery of acceptance using some method of distant communication (electronic mail).

By submitting the order, the purchaser accepts these business terms and conditions of the seller and the price for the goods ordered, including any shipping and transport costs, if any, valid at the time of placing and sending of the order.

In case of uploading own motive for creating your skin, the purchaser possess the full authorizations on the motive. The purchaser is aware of the fact that no thrid party will be harmed with the usage and potential up-coming claims of the copyright will be redirected to the purchaser.

The seller reserves the right not to accept at any stage of order fulfillment a purchaser's order in the event an obvious printing error has occurred in the price, description, or picture of a product contained in the product catalogue, as posted on the Skinzone website. The purchaser shall be informed of such non-acceptance of the order due to an obvious printing error by telephone or by electronic mail.

When customers designing products it leaves plenty of space for own ideas in regards of text, pictures and graphics. Skinzone has clear guidelines to which we adhere. Prohibited material as pornography, promoting violence content, as well as the discrimination or insult, especially on the ground of  ethnicity, gender or religion. We do not print motives that would by, contempt or hatred, injure the feelings of other people in an unacceptable manner.

The agreement shall be entered into in the Czech languages. The executed purchase agreement shall be archived by the seller for the purpose of its successful performance in electronic format for the period of five years and shall not be accessible for any third parties not being parties thereto.

VI. Price and terms of payment

The purchaser hereby acknowledges that any and all prices specified for the individual products offered at Skinzone and in the price list, which constitutes an integral part of these General Business Terms and Conditions, are end prices and do not include postage and packing fees, which shall be as follows: CZK 100 for Czech Post or CZK 80 for PPL partner DHL (Czech Republic) + fee of CZK 40 for cash on delivery, Zł 12.90 for Czech Post or Zł 20.90 for PPL partner DHL (Poland), € 3.90 for Czech Post or € 4.90 for PPL partner DHL (Slovakia), € 2.90 for Czech Post or € 5.90 for PPL partner DHL (Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Spain); ₤ 2.90 or ₤ 4.70 for PPL partner DHL (UK); CHF 3.50 for Czech Post or CHF 6.90 for PPL partner DHL (Switzerland); SEK 24 for Czech Post or SEK 49 PPL partner DHL (Sweden); € 3.90 for Czech Post or € 4.90 for PPL partner DHL (EU). The seller is a VAT payer. After the filling in of the order form, the final calculated price shall be specified including the VAT and the forwarding charges.

The purchaser may pay for the products offered by Skinzone and ordered thereby pursuant to the provisions of these General Business Terms and Conditions using one of the below-specified methods of payment:

  • via bank transfer
  • through PayPal / credit card
  • by voucher

Any and all payments of the purchaser shall be adequately secured according to the type of payment and payment mediator - i.e., the bank, etc. Card payments shall be provided through one of the most reliable and most secure payment gates operated by PayPal Europe.

An invoice issued based on a purchase agreement entered into by and between the purchaser and the seller shall also constitute the tax document and bill of delivery.

VII. Delivery term

The delivery term shall commence for goods paid for by the purchaser upon delivery, i.e., for goods payable on delivery, on the date of the valid execution of the purchase agreement, specifically after the sending by the seller of the confirmation by electronic mail. In the event the purchaser selects another option of payment than cash on delivery, i.e., for example via bank transfer of the price from a bank account to a bank account, the delivery term shall only commence upon the full purchase price, i.e., upon the crediting of the relevant amount into the seller's account. Specific delivery terms for the goods are specified in the goods catalogue for each product and shall include only business days. Should it be impossible to deliver the goods ordered within the term specified, the seller shall forthwith inform the purchaser of such fact and provide thereto also information on the substitute delivery term or offer to the purchaser another product, comparable to the original one. However, in this case the seller must request the purchaser's consent. If the purchaser does not consent to such change, they shall be authorized to rescind the agreement.

The purchaser, not the consumer, shall be obliged to duly accept the goods from the forwarding agent and inspect the same for perfection of packaging and number of parcels, and in the event of any defects, to forthwith notify the forwarding agent concerned of the same. The seller recommends to the purchaser that they do not accept the consignment in their own interest in the event of any damage to the packaging implying unauthorized invading of the consignment. By signing the bill of delivery, the purchaser confirms that the consignment has satisfied all conditions and requisites  specified above and no subsequent complaint claiming infringement of the consignment packaging shall be considered. A similar procedure is recommended to purchasers who are the consumers of the goods, whereby they prevent disputes concerning the time of occurrence of a defect to the goods. No detriment to the consumer's rights, including, without limitation, the right to make a complaint claim, may be caused as a result of the failure to observe the above recommendation.

VIII. Return of goods, rescission of agreement

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 53 (7) of Act No. 40/1964 Coll., the Civil Code, the purchaser that is also the consumer shall be authorized to rescind the agreement within 14 days following the acceptance of the goods. The seller hereby specifies that such right does not constitute a method of solution of delivery of defective goods. Rescission must occur through the purchaser delivering to the seller by the end of the 14 day period of the rescission notice, best in a manner that makes delivery of such rescission notice provable in case of need, i.e., by electronic mail to the address, or by mail to the address V Zahrádkách 2756/5, 130 00 Praha 3, Czech Republic, with such notice containing the order number. In order to accelerate the handling of return of purchase price, the seller recommends to the purchaser that they return the goods without undue delay after the dispatch of such rescission notice by sending or delivering the goods in person to the address V Zahrádkách 2756/5, 130 00 Praha 3, Czech Republic (goods dispatch as goods payable on delivery shall not be taken over by the seller). Should the purchaser exercise their right to return the goods, such goods must be returned undamaged, without any signs of wear and tear of the same, and if possible in the original packaging.

When sending the goods back to the seller, the seller would like to recommend that they be packed in a manner sufficiently protecting the goods from deterioration during forwarding. If the goods are returned undamaged and not used, the seller shall forthwith, no later than within 30 days following the purchaser's rescission of the agreement, send to the purchaser information that the goods have been delivered in good condition and shall return to the purchaser the purchase price paid thereby for the goods and the costs related to the delivery of goods purchased through an e-shop (forwarding fees, packaging fees, etc.) in the manner required by the purchaser, either by sending the money to the purchaser's address or via bank transfer into the purchaser's bank account (in the event of agreement rescission, the purchaser specifies the method of return of purchase price thereto).

The seller advices that pursuant to the provisions of Section 53 (8) (c) of Act No. 40/1964 Coll., the Civil Code, the skins (stickers), cases and Screenshield protective foils may not be returned without specifying the reason for such return within 14 days.

IX. Warranty

The title to the products purchased shall pass to the purchaser upon payment and acceptance of the goods.

The warranty period shall commence on the date of goods acceptance by the purchaser and in the event the goods are in warranty repair, the warranty period shall be extended by the time of such repair. In the event of replacement of goods with new ones during the warranty period, new warranty period shall commence. For all goods, the warranty period is generally 24 months following the takeover of the goods, unless a longer warranty period has been stipulated by the manufacturer or seller. The warranty period is usually designated in the warranty certified attached to the product. If no warranty certificate is issued for the product, the general warranty period of 24 months or the period specified in the receipt – if longer than 24 months – shall apply.

The seller provides lifelong warranty for the Screenshield protective foil goods.

X. Discrepancy with purchase agreement

In the event of delivery of goods in discrepancy with the purchase agreement, the purchaser has the right to have the seller restore the condition corresponding to the purchase agreement without undue delay, depending on the purchaser's requirement either by replacement of the item or repair of the same; if such procedure is not possible, the purchaser may request discount from the product price or rescind the agreement. The seller shall consider discrepancies with the purchase agreement identified within six months following the delivery of the product, unless it arises from the nature of the product that the existence of such discrepancy had to be found out by the purchaser already during takeover of the same. Conforming with the purchase agreement means in particular that the item sold has the quality and end-use properties required by the agreement, described by the seller or manufacturer or an agent of the same, or expected based on their advertising, or, as the case may be, the quality and end-use properties common for the item of such type, that it corresponds to the requirements of legal rules and regulations, is in quantity, extent or weight corresponding to the same, and complies with the purpose specified by the seller for such thing or for which the items is commonly used.

XI. Complaint claims

Should a defect occur during the warranty period, the purchaser shall have - depending on the character of such defect - the following rights in exercising the warranty:

- if the defect can be remedied, the purchaser has the right of free-of-charge, due, and timely remediation of such defect, and the right to have the defective goods or defective part replaced unless this is inadequate with a view to the nature of the defect. If such procedure is inapplicable, the purchaser shall have the right for adequate discount from the purchase price or rescission of the purchase agreement;

- if the defect cannot be remedied while it prevents the due use of the goods, the purchaser has the right to have the defective goods replaced or rescind the purchase agreement;

- if the defects can be remedied but if the purchaser cannot duly use the thing due to repeated occurrence of defect after repair or due to a greater number of defects. Repeated occurrence of defect applies if the same defect occurs again which prevents the proper usage and which has already been remedied at least twice during the warranty period. Greater number of defects means at least three simultaneous defects preventing the proper usage of the thing;

- if the defects cannot be remedied and the purchaser does not request replacement of the thing, the purchaser has the right of adequate discount from the purchase price or to rescind the purchase agreement;

Complaint claims may be exercised in person at the address of the seller's place of business, V Zahrádkách 2756/5, 130 00 Praha 3, Czech Republic, or by sending the product to the same address, or by sending the photograph documentation to the electronic address The seller's employee shall decide on the legitimacy of a complaint claim immediately, or within three business days in complex cases.

Complaint claims shall not apply to the following cases:

- if a defect is caused due to fault on the part of the purchaser, for example if a Screenshield foil is applied using an incorrect procedure (introduction of dust on the foil before its application, smearing of the foil, application with greasy fingers, misalignment of the foil, air bubbles, etc.),

- if the damage has provably occurred through incorrect usage in discrepancy from the instructions for use or due to other incorrect acting of the purchaser,

- demonstrable unauthorized interference with the product,

- defects occurred as a result of the common wear and tear of the consumer goods with the stipulated period of application according to special legal rules and regulations, provided that such complaint claim is exercised after the expiration of such period of time,

- defect caused as a result of natural catastrophes.

Complain claims may only be recognized in the event the following facts are proved:

- the product is defective, and for such purpose, the purchaser submits the defective product or its photograph documentation to the seller in person, or by email to the address, or by mail to the address V Zahrádkách 2756/5, 130 00 Praha 3, Czech Republic,

- the defect has occurred during the warranty period, for which purpose the purchaser must prove the date of sale, or if warranty period in excess of the general warranty period applies, the purchaser must prove such fact with the warranty certificate specifying such extended warranty period),

- the purchaser proves that they have purchased the product from the seller or the seller's selling partner, and to such end, the purchaser submits a valid selling receipt specifying the date of purchase of the product proving the purchase of the goods being subject to the complaint claim from the seller or proves the purchase of the goods being subject to the complaint claim in another trustworthy manner.

Should the purchaser fail to satisfy any of these conditions, their complaint claim shall not be recognized as authorized and shall not be dealt with accordingly.

A legible original or copy of the receipt proving the sale (the invoice) needs to be enclosed with the goods of the goods being subject to the complaint claim or the purchase needs to be proved in another manner, and the defect needs to be described or demonstrated in photographs.  The seller recommends that the purchase deliver the goods being subject to the complaint claim in their entirety.
The seller shall issue to the purchaser a written confirmation of the date of exercise of the complaint claim, of its content, and method of dealing with the same as required; and also a confirmation of the date and method of dealing with the complaint claim, including the confirmation of the repair that was carried out and the time that such repair took, or, as the case may be, a written justification of rejection of the complaint claim.

Deadlines for handling complaint claims:

Complaint claims shall be dealt with without undue delay, but no later than within 30 days following the exercise of the same, unless a longer period of time is agreed upon between the purchaser and the seller. After the expiration of such deadline, the purchaser has the same rights as exist in the event of occurrence of defects that cannot be remedied.

Should the defective product be replaced with a new one or a part of the product be replaced, a new warranty period shall commence in respect of such product, or, as the case may be, its new part, on the date of takeover of such new product and/or product with a new part. The warranty period shall be extended with the period of time during which the product was in warranty repair according to the protocol. The protocol on repair carried out may only be issued by the seller or the authorized service. In the event of a justified complaint claim, the purchasing consumer shall have the right to receive compensation for the necessary costs incurred in connection with such complaint claim, in particular, the postal charges paid thereby when dispatching the goods being subject to the complaint claim. The purchasing consumer shall have the same right in the event of rescission of the agreement due to defect of the product. Costs related to the forwarding of the goods to the customer after dealing with the complaint claim shall be borne by the seller.

In the event of unintentional damaging of the Screenshield protective foil by scratching, tearing or another manner, the purchaser shall have the right to claim replacement of such protective foil without the accessories supplied and after payment of the forwarding fee (2€ via bank transfer or PayPal).

XII. „Verified by cutomers“ program

We find your satisfaction with the purchase through our e-mail questionnaires within our Customer Authentication program where our e-shop is involved. We send you every time you buy us if within the meaning of Section 7 (3) of Act No. 480/2004 Coll. about certain information society services, you will not decline to send our business communications or withdraw your previously granted consent. For sending questionnaires, evaluating your feedback, and analyzing our market position, we use the processors who are the operator; we can share information about purchased goods and your e-mail address for these purposes.

XIII. Final provisions

These business terms and conditions are displayed on the website of the Internet shop or related sites, and thus, may be archived and reproduced by the purchaser. These business terms and conditions shall apply to the extent and in the wording specified in the seller's website on the date of dispatch of an electronic order. By sending an electronic order, the purchaser confirms to the seller that they have read these business terms and conditions and that they consent to the same. The purchaser is sufficiently notified of these business terms and conditions before the very placing of the order and has the opportunity to study the same.